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Site Update January 2017 – we are now offering FREE downloads of all paintball weapon plans. Look in our store for the free download link for each one where you can complete an offer to download them without paying a cent.

Alternative Paintball helps you create, select and understand the important elements of paintball scenario games.

We were one of the first Alternative and Scenario game sites on the web!

We review all types and MILSIM equipment and strategies to help you win and maximize your fun in the field..
We show you how anyone can deploy a paintball cannon or a paintball mortar launcher in your NEXT woodsball game!

Lay siege to a fort with paintball grenades from 100 yards away!

We sell the paintball cannon plans so you can do it yourself.

Explore Alternative Paintball and visit our sponsors.

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Click here for the Alternative Paintball Store! Here you can buy the plans including our famous Terminator!


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