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From paintball guides to non-biased product reviews, we want to help you find the best kit out there!

About Alternative Paintball

Alternative Paintball was started by Nick Williams who has more than 15 combined years and experience with paintballing. At the age of 14 Nick got a part time job with a paintball site and fell in love with it immediately. After his studies he went on to go full time where his passion and knowledge for the sport grew immensely. He became very well known in the paintballing world by entering many competitions all over the USA. During this time he used a variation of markers and equipment and had even been chosen to test the latest gear for paintball manufacturers. With this knowledge he gained he saw a perfect opportunity to create the ultimate online paintball guide. A place where he could share his knowledge and experience as well as answering questions from our viewers.

Our mission is to offer invaluable recommendations as well as tips and tricks to our online readers. We provide helpful advice and only recommend the best products for the battlefield!

Our Mission

  • To give the best advice when it comes to choosing your loadout.
  • Provide you with non biased feedback so that you are confident what is best for you
  • To provide guns and gear that are high quality and proven to be deadly on the battlefield

Nick Williams


Nick Williams has 15 years paintball experience in the field.

He now works as a paintball consultant for parks, manufacturers and competitions.

Are you new to paintballing or just looking for the best gear? Then Nicks your man!

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