A Paintball Cannon (aka air cannon, potato launcher, spud gun, PAW, etc) is a large bore paintgun that is designed to fire multiple paintballs at once like a shotgun or a single larger projectile like a water balloon. Their use is sometimes restricted at some fields and games. Although most cannons don’t have the same range as a paintball gun, point blank firing at anything is very dangerous since it is likely to hit the target with 30+ paintballs at once. Cannons should not be used at ranges less than 20 feet. Cannon ranges with paintballs is usually between 100-150 feet.

Throughout the years, Alternative Paintball has offered many types of paintball cannons. Although we no longer sell all the cannons we once had, we still have the older models listed in the archive link for your viewing pleasure. Plans are still available for a majority of the cannons we build!