The M-79 project used an actual photo of an M79 Grenade Launcher to build a prototype paint cannon.

The M79 paint cannon is a 12 gram type with an actual stained wood stock, trigger loop, sights, fore grip assembly and sling. This cannon is easily the best looking one we orginally offered for sale! (now plans are purchasable)


m79_1Design and Construction:

The M79 is basically the same as my first 12 gram cannon, the M72 LAW rocket, with the addition of the wood stock and PVC foregrip.

The wood stock is cut from a block of 2″ by 4″ wood. The wood was cut and shaved/sanded to provide a smooth surface. It was then stained with several coats of wood stain to get the wood stock effect. The stock is attached to the quick changer/valve assembly by metal straps screwed into the stock itself to hold everything together. There is also included a trigger loop under the stock that assists in holding the weapon and adds to the realism/aesthetitics.

This cannon is no longer available to order. You may still purchase the plans to this cannon by going to the store.