AP-2 Mortar/Cannon

mortar1The AP-2 Paintball Mortar launcher or cannon is designed as an indirect fire weapon to propel paint loads accurately and to further ranges. The new AP-2 uses a 2″ PVC barrel of 3 foot length, an 18 inch expansion chamber with 3/4″ diameter and a high flow 3/4″ firing valve. In addition, the AP-2 includes a collapsible bipod setup. The AP-2 Mortar uses a remote line to power the cannon. The AP-2 is easily carried by collapsing the bipod. The AP-2 can also be fired as a regular paintball cannon. Ammunition can be paintballs, water balloons filled with paint or other low mass projectiles that are suitable for paintball use. The AP-2 comes with a stainless remote line setup. Many options are available to customize your mortar. You can add a 1200psi pressure gauge to indicate pressure charge at a glance. Use the gauge to judge shot distances. The AP-2 Mortar has been tested with 3″ Water balloons and plastic cup packing wads. Ranges are in excess of 250′ at a nominal 400 psi co2 pressure. This baby cooks!







Tippman Ordnance 62mm T.O.C. Paint Mortar
mortarThe 62mm T.O.C. Mortar from Tippman Ordnance represents one of the most advanced indirect fire marker system available for a paintball game. The mortar launches a variety of loads including a 24oz. paint bomb, 3-8oz. cluster bombs and practice dummies to test fire your mortar when not playing in a game. The mortar system is excellent as base defense or assault support roles.

The 62mm T.O.C. Mortar is made by Tippman Ordnance, and sold to you through Alternative Paintball. Visit the Tippman Ordnance home page for detailed info on the mortar