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Early Warning Devices

An early warning device is anything that may alert you to the other team sneaking up on your position. It also can be used to startle the enemy into a panic. Early warning devices come in very handy during night games where vision is almost nil.

Early warning devices come in many shapes and sizes. This is most likely the easiest and can be the cheapest thing to create for paintball.

Some ideas for early warning devices:

Soda cans with strings tied to them – great for making lots of noise when someone comes buy and drags it across the ground. Very effective when rocks or pennies are placed inside!
“Snaps” or whatever those little things are called – When you step on them or throw them they pop! Just throw them on the ground where they can be stepped on.
“Party Poppers” – Those amazing small bottle looking things used at new years parties. Tie one to a trip line across a path and it will go off when someone walks by with a loud CRACK! as well as some streamers to boot!
Starters pistol with trip line attached.  When the line is pulled, the cap is fired, making a loud crack!
“Frog” motion detector.  When someone walks by, the frog makes a sound.

High Tech warning devices:

Wireless Infra-red motion detector – Radio Shack sells a small unit for $20. It can cover a wide area up to 30 feet away. It will shriek when it detects motion in the field. Radio Shack also sells a motion detector with built in flashlight for $15.
Personal Alarms: (the one that you pull the wrist loop out of to activate), black braided  line or string and a Velcro strap or metal hook. 1. Strap the alarm to a suitable tree beside a traveled
path, making sure that the wrist loop is easily pulled out by a slight tug. 2. Tie the fishing line (or small rope) to a tree on the other side of the path and run it across to the alarm, about one
foot above the ground and tie it to the wrist loop. Anyone walking by and doesn’t notice the line will activate the alarm when their leg pulls on the line and removes the wrist loop. Heads up, someone’s coming! – Thanks to Yanky@geocities.com for this idea!
Here’s a link for some cool perimeter alarm systems sent to us by one of our visitors:



Night time Paintball Equipment:

Laser Pointer – Radio Shack sells laser pointing devices that resemble pens. Attaches to a gun, it can double as a laser sight. Useful in night games. They run from $20 and up.
Portable/Rechargeable Spot Light – Night games are near impossible without flashlights or light intensifying scopes. The brighter the light the better. I have seen up to 1million candlepower flashlights in a trigger grip assembly. You can light up a field with one of these and blind your opponent.
Light Intensifying Goggles/Scopes – These are the best solution to night games. They let you see the opponent, yet you remain hidden unlike flashlights). Rather expensive at $250+   You can also use the newer Video Cams with night shot capabilities.
Strobe Light – The use of a small, battery powered personal strobe light is effective in night games. Flashing the light once when needed gives you a maximum range of vision for a split second. This flash will also be visible to your opponent, obviously, but if he is not ready for it, he/she will not know the direction it came from, it does nothing more than confuse him and send him into a panic. Radio Shack sells these strobes for $20 and they come with a strap to attach to your arm, gun, etc.. They are about the size of a salt shaker.
Celulume Sticks – These eerie colored plastic sticks are cheap and last a long time.   You ignite them by bending the stick and they stay lit for about 12 hours or so.   Hanging these from trees around your base will make it appear more heavily guarded and will help illuminate the area.
Gun Mounted Flashlight – You have seen these mounted to typical firearms in many “cop shows”.  This idea works well for night paintball games too.  You can strap a mag light to your paintgun’s body or barrel, or you can make this ingenious removable flashlight mount for your paintgun (Thanks to Jared for submitting this design to us!):

Materials: 1″ PVC pipe (one that fits snugly over barrel)
Flashlight (Maglite work best, others will do)
Electrical tape, Zip Ties or any type of straps

Cut the PVC pipe to size so it is not longer than your barrel (avoid covering muzzle breaks or external portings). tape (or strap) flashlight tightly to the bottom of the PVC pipe. Make sure the switch is reachable/accessible. Slide the pipe over the barrel and there you go. You can also use a laser pointer in place of the flashlight.  You can use O-rings to keep the pipe secured to your barrel, and to keep it from marring the surface.
Miscellaneous Equipment:

Golf Scope Range Finder  – Helpful for snipers to judge long distances.  You can find them for $20.00 at Radio Shack.
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