Ghillie Suits for Paintball


What is a ghillie suit?

This is a form of camouflage clothing which allows the wearer to hide amongst trees or shrubbery by blending in. While the ghillie suit is not limited to the use of paintball, it works perfectly for the game just as it does for it’s other purposes – sneaky photography of wildlife, hunting, or military snipers using real weapons.

Ghillie Suit 1

Ghillie suits can be made by hand, but this can take weeks or months and require a lot of skill, when you’d much rather be out in the fields shooting your opponents.  Most alternative paintball players prefer to buy a pre-manufactured ghillie suit and then customise it with pieces of grass, leaves and trees which are local to the battle area so it blends in naturally. It’s also common to use actual military clothing found from a surplus store as this already provides a basic level of camouflage and durability. There’s no use using a default suit if it’s all the wrong colors and makes you stand out like a sore thumb allowing your opponents to easily find you!

Advantages and Disadvnatages fo Ghillie Suits

The suits do not come without some disadvantages; like most military gear theghillie suit 2y add extra weight and heat to the wearer in return for the camouflage benefits. This may mean that only some players in a paintball game, such as those performing a sniping role, would take the time to ‘settle in’ to a hiding place and take the effort to add foliage to their suit. Other  players might prefer not to use the suit in order to maintain mobility. Either way, they do make a paintball war much more realistic and hardcore, so everyone should keep one in their arsenal, even if they don’t use it every time!