What exactly is the game of alternative paintball? It’s the alternative or ‘extreme’ sports approach to enhancing our great game. Paintball is, of course, military simulation. Playing alternative paintball means adding more strategy and intrigue to our games by introducing better ‘senarios’ and better ‘props’ – and in many cases more weapons which simulate realistic combat situations. Our website is called AlternativePaintball.com because we are all about the alternative paintball sport. In injury studies, paintball has been rated safer than bowling. Always, always wear your goggles, especially when working with our cannons and mortar launchers. Never shoot any paintball gun or cannon at very close range. Use your head and keep it safe and fun for all of us!

Alternative Paintball searches worldwide to provide you with the most innovative paintball information available. Visit the links on the sidebar to learn about some of the equipment used in the ‘alternative’ paintball world!